Hi. We are π21

03. Apr 2022

The new young Swiss design label from Chur

Would you like to meet us in person? We will be there in person from 21-23.04.2022!

Our mission: to market art on sustainable products.

Our inspiration: We are on the road at many art fairs and exhibitions and keep discovering beautiful art on canvases or in the form of sculptures. For some an eye-catcher, for others a dust catcher. We want to show that there is more to art. Art does not have to gather dust. Art can also be functional. Art that can be used. Art should be affordable for everyone. Because art can do more!

Our concept: design meets handwriting. Chris van Weidmann, an artist from Chur, produces all works with her handwriting. She writes stories in the form of pictures, so-called calligrams.

So you not only have the motif, but also the story to read at the same time. Not only her art, but also the messages behind it round off the products perfectly. We attach great importance to quality, transparency and short distances. It is therefore important to us to prefer working with local manufacturers.

Our goal: We want to make art accessible to EVERYONE, no matter what age group, professional group, nationality, gender. Art is versatile and for everyone!

Our speciality: All products are literally handwritten by Chris. Since everything is handwritten, individual wishes are welcome, which is also the strength and uniqueness of our company. We offer both private and business customers personalised products that fit into every interior as well as business concept. Because art knows no boundaries.

Do you have any questions?

We look forward to hearing from you!

Hoi. Wir sind π21
Hoi. Wir sind π21
Hoi. Wir sind π21
Hoi. Wir sind π21

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