see (h) arte 2022 in Radolfzell

1st International Art Exhibition in Radolfzell on Bodensee

The art exhibition will take place in the premises of the outlet centre. The Seemaxx is centrally located, offers a fine ambience and provides the perfect setting for strolling through the art show and collecting sought-after art objects.

24. März bis 23. April 2022

Vernissage on 25 March 19.30 hrs Admission 19.00 hrs Opening

On 27 March it's Open Sunday at Seemaxx and Radolfzell

Fashion and art have inspired each other for more than 100 years. Today, the boundaries are blurring more and more, creating a new, creative way of life. Fashion is not just clothes. Fashion is an attitude, a way of life and a form of art. Art fairs and art exhibitions are the new fashion shows, a great affection has developed between fashion and art. The art cooperations of fashion brands are worthwhile for both sides.

Art is a reflection of our society and shapes the ages. Even people who are not interested in art live every day with designs and forms of design that have sprung from a model of art at some point.


Radolfzell on Lake Bodensee, about 20 km northwest of Bodensee and ten km east of Singen and after these the third largest town in the district of Constance,, on Bodensee,, bears. All around, lakeside scenery, nature reserves with reeds and forests - and in the middle of it all, a lively town with a long past.


About Seemaxx

The Seemaxx Center in Radolfzell on Bodensee is a small paradise for outlet fans on 8500 square metres. The former Schiesser production building now houses 44 different outlet stores. The stores are spread over two levels and are barrier-free throughout.


32 Artists

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