Become exhibitor

Seemaxx – Center in Radolfzell
Seemaxx – Center in Radolfzell

Become an exhibitor at see (h) arte in Radolfzell

Take your chance to meet new contacts and buyers.

Expected visitors 30'000 to 60'000

Show your art at the upcoming See(h)arte 2024 in Radolfzell and become an art award winner !!!

Take the chance to be presented inexpensively and professionally at the SEE(H)ARTE at seemaxx!

We take care of everything around your exhibition participation, from placement and hanging to consulting and sales (commission-free!).

Apply now for an exhibition space at seemaxx at the upcoming SEE(H)ARTE in Radolfzell and book your unit!

The following art prizes will be awarded by audience evaluation:

1st price

A 4-6 week solo exhibition at the Museum MAC in Singen, Germany.

2nd price

500 €

3rd price

300 €

4. price

200 €

More prizes through seemaxx center, plus many great events during the 5 weeks.

On the Sunday, 14.04., up to 6000 visitors are expected.

Only 45 - 50 artists have the opportunity to book this exhibition. There is a selection process, which is not required for members of the Kunstkaufhaus (

BOOK your unit/s NOW and take your chance to get one of the coveted places on the SEE(H)ARTE. It pays to be quick before all places are taken.

Please save the PDF file on your computer first.

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Print the pages and sign.
  3. Send the completed form, the page with the signature (scan) and the pictures to the following e-mail address:

Talk to us. We will find a suitable solution for you in any case.

Talacker 9
CH-8259 Kaltenbach

+41 (0) 76 330 66 23

Rainer Schoch
Rainer Schoch

Rainer Schoch

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